Major Duties and Responsibilities
  • Document the condition and progress of patients and report to medical staff any areas of concern.
  • Undertake plastering procedures and techniques in accordance with agreed policies and guidelines.
  • Maintain, clean and restock of the plaster room materials
  • Locate appropriate equipment used by the plaster room staff, ensuring the equipment is maintained.
  • Carry out minor orthopaedic operative techniques involving insertion and removal of Steinman’s pins and skull calipers
  • Remove external fixators
  • Manipulate and reduce, fractures and dislocations
  • Participate in the management of minor orthopaedic and trauma cases in emergencies and accidents
  • Sensitize and create awareness on orthopaedic trauma conditions to the communities.
  • Make, fix and fit prosthesis
  • Bill all the procedures and the items used in the plaster room.
  • Follow up patients with prosthesis
  • Certificate or Diploma in Orthopaedic Plaster Technology from a recognized institution;
  • At least one year of professional experience as Orthopaedic Trauma Technician
  • Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution


Major Duties and Responsibilities
  • Test, use and maintain equipment and technology that is required for surgery and which falls within the technician’s responsibility.
  • Prepare and maintain the operating room to ensure safe and efficient operating environment during surgery and procedures.
  • Prepare and maintain an operating theatre and its equipment assist the surgical team during operations and provide support to patients in the recovery room.
  • Oversee the smooth functioning of clinical equipment used for clinical procedures performed during surgery and post-operative care.
  • Perform and monitor safety, health, environmental and quality assurance procedures on clinical surgical equipment used in operating theatres and post-operative units.
  • Assist surgeons with therapeutic and organ system support procedures on patients in operative and post-operative care.
  • Support Medical Specialists to handle life-support equipment in situations where patients require operative care or post-operative care.
  • Explain procedures, observe and position patients, using protection devices to ensure safety and comfort during treatment.
  • Coordinate with production company staff on sets, props, costume delivery and set-up; assist in the installation and set-up of props and sets.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.
  • Diploma in Theatre Technology from a recognized institution
  • At least 2 years of professional experience as a Theatre Technician/Surgeon Assistant in a busy operating theatre.
  • Be able to assist Surgeons in all surgeries with advanced knowledge in modern technology in surgery.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills